64th Independence Day – Just My View…

Proud Indian Army

Once again Independence Day comes…& goes next day silently as usual. Kids get happy for holiday, Youngsters update their social network status, tweet, forward sms and elders give speeches, brag about it. But I wonder are we really…

Muslims looted us first and then British for next 200 years, ironically it’s being continued by Politicians (read Congress). One day these politicians win the race by making more money than the amount looted in history. Common wealth games, IPL, 2G spectrum & list goes on, how my dad’s tax money being utilised (?).No wonder one day they even make corruption as official & include in study subjects. “How to grow rich by corruption & make money under nose”

Sixty years & still we are not able to solve the Kashmir issue. It’s no more effing Heaven on Earth place. Media is evolved after years, but devotes more interest in Halappa, Nityananda, Sania, Dhoni’s wife but no one cares about the woman who stripped & brutally whipped in Bihar. Wise (?) people like Karan Johar creates movie like My Name Is Khan, but no dog worries about Kashmiri Pandits who being assaulted every day. Everyone is dead busy in throwing kichad on one another. No wonder one day DGP Rathore comes out with clean hands, of course with a wide grin on his sinful bloody face & Halappa too. Kasab & his gang killed 183 people proudly, openly, but Government is busy spending hundreds of crores on his security instead of hanging him to death. When that bastard going to die? Major Sandeep Unikrishnan’s soul sobs in misery. Another pervert Afzal Guru. I think they never going to be hanged, instead they might die natural death living 99 years. I will be not surprised if people lose faith in Law & declare it dead. I think, only in country like Inidia where terrorists like Sohrabbuddin become martyr one day.

Lots of people sacrificed & died in the pursuit of Independence, but why there is no special day for Chandrashekar Azad or Ramprasad Bismil? It’s because of Family Dynasty, even one day they will succeed to bury Bhopal Gas tragedy, Bofors, 1984 Sikhs Killings.

I see Mahatma’s smile fading away in a rupee note. Happy Independence Day.

DeLL SXPS 16 ; Review, Pics & Impressions

avi's DeLL SXPS 16

Config -
Intel® Core™ i7-720QM (1.6Ghz, 4Core/8Threads, turbo boost up to 2.93Ghz, 6M cache)
4GB 1333MHz DDR3
500GB 7200RPM
15.6″ Full HD(1080p)
ATI Mobility RADEON HD 4670 – 1GB
9-cell battery
WiFi, BT, Dual layer DVD write capability, Backlit Keyboard
Bundled DVDs, Two USB ports and one shared eSATA/USB jack, HDMI, DVI and VGA-outs, four-pin FireWire 400 port, a five-in-one flash memory card reader, 2-megapixel Webcam, an ExpressCard slot
1 year on-site & accidetal warranty
Windows 7 Profesional 64 Bit.

This laptop is just awesome & has great value for money. Dell shipped my laptop in 16 days. As its comes with very high config, the Intel Core i7 blows anything in its way, from little programs to heavy ones. Its a complete bliss watching High Definition 1080p movies in the 15.6″ screen. The only thing I’m worried is about hard disk, as I’m addicted to 1080p videos. Even the newest games can run smoothly with med-high settings. The build quality is solid & superb with stylish design & the backlit keyboard just rocks. Dell gives accidental warranty, even you spill two liters of coffee, the lappie can be get replaced. Also 24 x 7 customer service centre, ready to help you at any time. In short, if you want a fully powerpacked beast in slim design, go get it now !

-Highly powerful !
-Awesome crystal clarity High Definition display
-Superb graphics & runs games smoothly
-Bundled speakers are really wonderful
-Nearly 4 hours of back battery up (in Power Mode)
-Great value for money
-Excellent Dell’s customer support & accidental warranty.

-Little heavy as it comes with 9-cell battery
-Finger prints & dust magnet
-DVD drive gets noisy sometimes.
-Heat issues as like other models in this range.
-No switchable graphics :(

Bottom line, this laptop can literally make you WOW !

Hello world!

When every programming language or every toddler’s step in tech, starts with Hello World, then why wouldn’t mine ?

Hello Universe, Hello World, Hello People, Hello Friends, Hello Terminals, Hello Netigens, Hello Hello Hello to everyone, everything from this avi !

From past four years, I have tried keep my blogs updated [earlier ones], but it was never been possible for me :(

reason : I AM LAZY !

hope this will not repeat again.

cheers, e-peace