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  1. Sherlock Holmes is my favorite in that list. :)

    Im surprised you dont have LOTR in the list . Its like ” Have Eyes , Will read” ‘book for any reader.

  2. Read “Prisoner Of Birth” by Jeffrey Archer
    And believe me u will want to read his every novel..
    I generally advise my frens by saying DO URSELF A FAVOUR AND READ THIS NOVEL ;)

  3. Gud Mor! sir.
    As expected, you love to read good books like a simple and nice man.
    ‘MIND BLOWING’ collection of novels.But i did not find one another great book’TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE’ in your shelf, i think u should try for it . It would make u more practical.
    I wish for your good always.
    All the best! for every new ‘SMAJ SEVA’.

    • I have read that book, long back. It is really good ! I am just lazy to add books into shelves, I have not added lotsa books :P

      Didn’t knw you are interested in reading also. I have started this forum, http://www.readersenclave.com for people who like to read / write. And yeah, you can post shayaris there also :P