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The true story of Rohan Rathore

Rohan Rathore was an IIT-Guwahati Student who loved a girl named Supriya like anything else. But he was suffering from Cancer.You might have heard his song already in Facebook, which is one of highest shared/liked video of 2010. So coming to his story, he was studying in one of top graduate engineering college, he was handsome but the girl who he loved unconditionally never returned his love. So bad. But worse, he was suffering from Cancer. He wrote a song and dedicated to her. Made video of it and the worst happened, he died just after recording the song.

Facebook Page –

Below is his song :

Really sad right ? The song is so awesome. Runs though our veins with feeling of Love. Emptiness, describes, the void left in his loving heart by his girl. Pretty sad story if you ask me. The guy now loved and remembered everyday by millions over Facebook and Twitter, is no more. Sad. I sob.

Hey wait ! Did you really believed what I wrote  above, like other million people in Facebook ? [Okay, not to be rude, word stupid is missing]. Well, it’s a pretty bollywood story if you ask me :P or excerpt of Chetan Bhagat’s next filmie novel ;)

At first I believed for the first time when I heard the song and read about him in Youtube and FB page. But, second thing I did was, which you never do, searching over Google for truth. For my utter surprise none of the Ex-Guwahati IITians mentioned him. I digged more and found out it’s fake.

Yes, it was the insensitive and cheap trick for marketing their song. But, they did it in right way.

1.What first comes to your mind when you hear the song and read about him ?  LOVE, CANCER, IIT-G. We Indians, simply have inevitable attraction towards Love stories. Add some prestigious college name and make it sad story, Game Over.

2.They believed in their song and it is pretty good too, but too reach masses, they used nice [read : cheap] marketing trick.

3. Simple, just create a fake girl’s profile over Facebook [and Twitter] and share it, it is enough to reach thousands in one day. And don’t forget to add, “Oh, I liked this song like anything guys, what ya say ?”

When you ask Mr.Vivek aka MrVivekchocoboy, the original uploader of the video, tells you same lame story. He also requests you ‘Like’ the song and share it over the FB and Twitter. Now I see a new video on his profile, hope he doesn’t ask us to ‘share’ that one also over FB, coming up with just another pathetic but sad story. Goodluck Mr.Chocoboy.

IIT-G students clarified that, person with such name never existed nor his poor sad story. If it was really true, I’d have first seen it in Headlines Today or any national news paper. The song is too good enough to be appeared in national news channels and papers.

Now here are some proofs :
Following is a screenshot of Sumit Lal’s profile, which he explains about his research :

Sumit Lal's Research

Now Aseem Ahmed Abbasee claims that he is the original lyricist and english lyrics where written by Moonami Roy.

Now here is the BIG QUESTION : Are Aseem Ahmed Abbasee and Gajender Verma are behind this Rohan Rathore story ? Why they don’t want sue Mr.Chocoboy who uploaded the song to Youtube ? Truth yet to come.

Sorry people, who are behind it, you suck and you failed to impress me. with lots of love, F U.

Important Update [08/02/2011] : Today evening I received a very harsh & disturbing comment from a girl who claimed she was from IIT-G and Rohan’s classmate. She used such hard words, I couldn’t believe myself that a girl could scold like this. Trust me, even Dolly wouldn’t have scolded me like this. But she was so stupid that, she thought(?), she could cheat me, I tracked her down in 3 secs [Thanks to Facebook], guess what, in her profile the college was mentioned something different and it was HE [not she !]. May be he was obsessed with the song very much, so left a rude message scolding me. But, but he gave me link and picture of Rohan Rathore !!!

It was a link from Reverbnation, a website, just similar as MySpace. Musicians/Artists can sign up and share their songs. There I found his photo and his two other songs !!!

Check out here soon –

Wait a minute, not so fast, have you recognized the guy in that pic ? Sorry, he is not Rohan Rathore. But how I am so sure, because I know the guy who is the pic ! His name is Kris Allen, he is an American Idol winner.

But here is what which bugs my mind, two more new songs ! Are these also works of the same ‘mystery man’ ? [Don’t forget to listen them :P] The name of member of that group is Djay, who is also admin and creator of Facebook page Emptiness (tune mere jaana)- Rohan Rathore. And it is a Band profile. Are these guys are people who gave music to Rohan’s song ? Has Rohan worked is their band ? If not why they using his name ? They have mentioned nothing in their FB page.

The Admin of that Page, has not revealed himself yet and nor made clear statements about his connections with Rohan Rathore. If they are not connected with him why they are using his name ? for fame ?

If you check out that, there’s has been discussion going on :


source – link

I am not asking you to trust these two guys, but what wonders me is The Admin still hasn’t intervened. He could have said the story is true. So makes me believe that the Admin has no connection with Rohan Rathore and using his name.

One more link

And :
1. Who actually sung the song ? Batman ?
2. Who is Djay ? Why he is using Rohan’s name ?
3. Who sung the new two songs ? Djay’s team ?
4. Assuming, no connection Djay with Rohan Rathore, then why he has used his song on Reverbantion and FB page ? how can he !
5. Why no one from IIT-G came forward yet ?
6. Why Gajender Verma and Ahmed Abbasee haven’t sued the Chocoboy yet ?
7. Or, If the Rohan’s story is really true, why Chocoboy haven’t sued Gajender Verma and Abbasee ?
8. Gajender, Abbasse and Djay are connected ?
9. How come Rohan’s family/friends/classmates not at all in FB ?
10. Why no one is ready to reveal their identity and put this to an end ?

Questions remain unanswered and mystery remains unsolved. Truth yet to come.

Important FINAL Update [22/02/2011] : People make really awesome comments, some are hilarious and some are thought provoking. Three days ago, I received another harsh comment, may be from another obsessed Rohan Rathore fan and gave me link to Rohan Rathore’s Facebook Profile ! Well, you might be wondering, how come it didn’t appeared in your search results when you had searched for him. It’s because of Facebook’s privacy settings

FB Settings

No need to say more, the profile was fake. More about it later. But lets see some interesting/hilarious/thought provoking comments I got ;)
Anonymous :

Fuck you bitch, show me some proofs ! You are fooling people simply. I was neighbor of Rohan Rathore when I stayed in Guwahati for a short period. I knew that guy very well ! And I have myself heard the song Emptiness being sung by him. He also sung two more songs moron.

Abhijeet :

I love Rohan Rathore :D

Jaspreet :

even i did the research and got to know that story is fake ..

1st if i love someone so badly and i know i’m suffering from cancer i can’t be so selfish that i would still make someone to love me

2nd love cant be begged it has to be money and fame…life is cruel and doesn’t give anything thing for being an aspiring model i have learn love is more like a game of appearance and emotions..after all we believe on what we see

but still world is all about odds…and i still somewhat believe that story can be real cause i sent a message to an iitg student and he replied me that its a true story…so u ppl gotta need to do a little more research and the ppl can be off course the students of IITG’s

Thanks & Regards

Soumya :

No patient of cancer before 15days of his death will be in a condition to sing a song..let alone get it recorded…I really feel sad for people who believe in this so called fraud Rohan…and think this piece of fabulous information is a publicity stint. Some people just like to get to the truth and not blindly believe everything that has been put in front of them…

Gurkiran Kaur :

I tried to paste this link on that “DJay” page but i guess he deleted my post.. I dont know may be he is also related to this fake story somehow.. And i read that band thing too.. there was no info about rohan rathore..

Aastha :

the song itself is great..I don’t think there was any need of making use of such a pathetic publicity stunt..when I first read the whole story nd heard the song..I kinda had tears in my eyes..but well done dude..great research!:)..moreover google should be givin’ u a salary for promoting it.. :P

Djrao :

Dude, we IITians have a life. We seriously don’t care who wrote the song and who sung it. Just listen to it and enjoy it. Fuck! Logon ke paas itna faltu ka time kahaan se aata hai bhai ki aise cheezon ke baare mein research karein!

my reply to Djrao :

I am jobless and have time to dig out. It’s because you guys don’t care, they are making money out of your name.

PS – “F” word is missing.

Soumya’s reply to Djrao :

I thought the IITian lot has one of the brightest minds in the country!And yet they do not feel the need to find out the truth..rather than look down upon people who do!
Well,nothing against IITians…I love them myself…but rationality demand that we do NOT become sheep and blindly believe every crap in the world. If so is the case, then we might as well start believing in crop circles and poltergeists…just like a non-existent Rohan Rathore. I personally think it was some guy who sung it…and was too low on his self esteem to own up…and just tried a pseudonym…like..a journalist or an amateur writer.

Jasmit :

even i was too believing this story to be true! and alwaz curious about khowing a thing! so i searched on this!! nd got nothing! everywhere a same story is ‘copied and pasted’ !!
The story follows here :-
‘He wrote and sung a song ‘Emptiness’ for Supriya – a girl he loved more than anything and anyone in the world. Unfortunately, she didn’t return his love. He sang about his hurt and longing, and even though they don’t end up together, this song was something he felt he had to do. He died just 15 days after recording the song. Truly a very painful love story.’

so!! is there anything else written on him????????
please let us know!! we would be happy to know about him!! :P

and where’s his BAND now!! are they all gone wid ROHAN! :P

Sakshi :

mujhe to vo banda bada hi intelligent laga jisne itne logo ko ye rohan rathore ke bare me sochne me majboor kar diya….

[he he he  Sakshi complimenting me ;) ?]

Sockhop :

Anyone using “cancer” to promote publicity is 99% of the time an imposter! I shouldn’t say this but these people deserve to go through the pain of having cancer or having a family member who has cancer. Only then will they ever understand what CANCER really is!

Ayush :

Dude … forget abt the research and all… are u getting more famous than Rohan Rathore?? or may be in no time u can :D ;)
Cheers …

Ha ha ;)

Now lets get back to where I was. I visited the Facebook profile and saw it’s fake. The profile has 23 friends and none of them where from  IIT-G. All of his friend’s profile had blocked everything with privacy settings. None of those friends’ profile were visible completely. Rohan’s profile had no photos. But it had relationship status with Supriya ;) Okay, no more of bullshit, the profile was fake.

If you are active in Facebook, in any of his fan pages, people are posting pictures and claiming it’s Rohan Rathore. By now, I have seen some 9 different pictures of Rohan Rathore, holding guitar, some with beard and some does really look like Devdas. What makes me feel bad is, people simply believing those. Are people are so innocent ? Now the Djay’s page has 20,000 plus people. His recent wall posts requests people to “like” some more pages or sign up for them. I don’t want to say anything more about this.

You might have observed, there is a share button, at the beginning of this post. Needless say, by this you can share my post in FB. Because of this, the link has circulated quite well in FB and I was successfully able to contact students from IIT-G over Facebook.

Two of the guys I spoke first said, they really don’t care who sung the song. Later, a girl, told me that she knows that story is fake and IITians don’t want to waste to their time posting online the same. After that, two more boys confirmed me that story is fake. I am not posting the screenshots of my chat, because I don’t want them to be disturbed by people, because of me. And I see no point in, posting screenshots with censoring their names as one can easily do same with Photoshop. Hell, even MS Paint is enough for that. So I am giving you choice, you can be a sheep and blame me calling my post lame or agree with me. Choice is yours :)

My friend alvester told me who sung those which are in djay’s Reverbnation page.

Emptiness – Still mysterious. [Gajendra Verma ?]

Kashmir’s Voice! – Bloodrockz Band

Forever – Shaina Twain

Guys, I am a great movie buff and love to watch movies very much. I watch movie of almost any genre, even Drama, History, Biography too. [Yeah, they are kind of boring]. Have you ever seen Sean Penn’s Into the Wild. The movie is some 3 year old, released in 2007. It is one of my favorite movie, had watched several times. Here is a scene I would like to show you :

Ringed any bells and whistles ? Yes, it is the music. I strongly feel, it the same music which is used in Emptiness. The original composer is Micheal Brook. Here is one more audio :

If you think, I am bullshitting, then I don’t want to say anything and my 3 word answer always will be “Choice is yours” :)

Telling for the nth and last time : Rohan Rathore’s Story is FAKE. The singer is still mysterious or Gajandra Verma. I believe he should approach the media and put an end to it, as millions of people are being made fool of. Lets assume, he sung it and why he isn’t approaching media ? Simple, he copied the music from Michael Brook’s Best Unsaid, so he will blamed and get bad reputation of plagiarism. This is just my assumption. But about what I am sure is, Rohan’s story is fake. But who originated it ? Gajendra Verma himself for fame ? Nothing can be said.

Though I couldn’t dig the entire truth, but I think the truth behind Rohan’s story is out. Lets try to share the story as much as possible and try to put an end to this shit before other million innocent people fall for this. Time to move on, I am no longer interested to dig it more, as the truth is already out.

My dear friends, I am not a journalist or a detective, I am just another simple guy and a hardware geek :D There are other good(?) posts in this blog, you better have a look at them ;) And if any hardware enthusiast/book worm/movie buff out there, I will be very glad to meet and chat up.

I will link here facebook pages for people who just love the song & don’t care about the story :P

Emptiness – Tune Mera Jana Kabhi Nahi Jana

Akruti from Benguluru writes :

I really don’t care how much true is this story. But his story inspired me lot & will inspire many. Don’t we get inspired by movie stories ? Anyways share this page : Rohan Rathore – The Ultimate Lover

Ravi from Haryana :

Guys let’s just feel the awesome feeling ! I am also musician (learning :P) & the music in the song is sooo soothing :) Please encourage me & my musical journey : Emptiness by Rohan Rathore


UPDATE : They are making a movie on it ?? 

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    • well watever is true GOD knows better or the one who sung this song so guys ignore it and just enjoy the song… bcz the song is amazing heart touching song:)

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  3. hi.this is amit nirmal here.just want 2 say that what ever its is .i like the songe & people say that it is fake story & he want 2 highlight the name.but people what 2 say. they dont know if any 1 want 2 highlight the name he should have some identity which he dont have so have can he is highlighting that name people dont have rite to say anything to any 1.if they wont think good 4 any 1 so they dont have rite so say anything wrong abt any 1,,,but i dicleare that it is true story…….friends just look deeply an thing a long for it…………..ROHAN U R GREAT ……………………….

  4. hi amit nirmal here
    Hu cares.. what the research says… All i know is.. No one can write a song like this without a reason. Thr shud b a inspiration behind this song. And a very painfull one.. Jesus christ.. This song is so filled with emotions.. And it makes me hard to blv whatever bullshit is written Above. Thr is a Story were a heart got broken into pieces,And this is the reason why this song so real. Dont you think guys?

  5. heyy avii !! i jus loved ur blog or research wat evr is it :P u seems to be damn coool !! ta way u explained everythin was soo nice to read !! in chennai wit heavy rain in midnyt its nicee to read tis interesting blog !! though i dont care much still thnx for entertaining me :):):):) n yeaah u way of writing is exactly like chetan bhagat’s :P ::) cyaaa

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  7. i think, its just a lame story cooked up for the publicity of the song, come on now a cancer patient won’t be in a condition of singing so good before 15 days of death….that’s it…..I cant understand why do u need to make such a pathetic story just to win likes….

  8. if any one of u read my mgs please reply y u guys always talk about rohan y u think he is fake??? please also talk about reply of this song in girl voice who sung this song??? if u really thing it is the fake story then y rohan have not given his pic?? some thing true in his story thing again i do not believe u guys

  9. maybe rohan didn’t even excist.. maybe it was sum1 else who made the song and died but he just randomly picked a name as Rohan Rathore? .. i’m not sure but gr8 research dude

  10. guys like you are jobless…it was pretty harsh on your part to show dat d singer and story s fake..when you lose your loved ones you get to kno they mean d world to you…stop dis dumb research and get a life..

  11. see….. the story is too far fetched to be true…. well no hard feelings against the believers…. but awesome song….. dats all i care bout….!!!