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n00b guide to Install CyanogenMod / Phiremod Builds.

Following is the How To Guide to install CM7 and Phiremod [Gingerbread] builds on your Nook Color. I have tried my best to keep the instructions as simple as possible, still if you have any doubts then don’t hesitate to ask me. And seriously, it is as simple as it sounds in this guide.

I. Installation :

Caution : This is not faint of hearts. If something happens then I am not responsible. Hey wait, nothing gonna happen to your Nook Color if you read instructions carefully. And make sure you have read them thrice and have no doubts. As it will be installed to internal storage, all your data will be wiped.

Following are the things you need :
1. Rooted Nook Color 
2. Micro SD Card
You will need this as you are going to prepare EXT4 SD card. Keep this in mind that, by doing this all your data in your memory card will be wiped. Hence take back or use a spare memory card. And if you have only one SD Card, then use it, after you can make it back to normal.
3. The following files :
a. EXT4 Compatible Bootable Clockwork SD Card
For this process you need CWR which will be booted from SD Card. If you are using 1GB card, then download 1gb_clockwork-0.1-ext4.tar.gz and so on. Never download file which is bigger than for your card.
1GB Micro SD – link MD5 – 0aad5d16eb9a274f2a72b12f7be44c55
2GB Micro SD – link MD5 – 598262de35053f2d34480175ac337d7c
4GB Micro SD – link MD5 – 71ba12fc908c6bcc643aec6e9359b9f1
8GB Micro SD – link MD5 – 41ac8d2b425f47db3f811676d35bd904

b. CM Nightly / Phiremod Build File :
Download either of the following :

1.Download the CM build file from here

Latest build, CM build 7 [03/Mar/2011] – Download Link MD5 – 991ff7b9ff7cb917c3a250fd5b9549a6

2. Download Phiremod build from here – link
Note : This is Phiremod Gingerbread Version, not Froyo one. Please make sure you are downloading correct version.

c. Google Apps [Gapps] File :
Source link

Gapps for CM7 – Download Link MD5 – 45e175c25a498c8945c543d92d92e782

d. OC Kernel file [only if you plan to OC]

1.1GHz – Download Link MD5 – 0bf22eface5c313c783b627d7a85d475

Please double check md5 sums before doing anything. I have given source links for a reason, so check them before for any updates if available. Also make sure you have atleast 60% of battery.

Lets get to the business.

1. Take back up !
Before doing anything first job is to take back up. [Use this link if you don’t know how to back up.]

2. EXT4 SD Card
Preparing EXT4 Compatible Bootable Clockwork SD Card :
a. Download the required EXT4 file suitable for your Micro SD card.
b. Extract the zip file with suitable zip manager.
c. Burn the image to SD card using Win32Disk manager or similar. [ How to link ]

That’t it ! Your SD card is ready !.

3. Installation

Now move the CM build, Gapps and OC Kernel files to SD card. Your SD card should look like this :

a. Now power down your NooK Color. Insert the Micro SD Card. And power up.
b. It should boot into CWR automatically. A animation of skull appears and make sure CWR version appears at bottom.
c. Now move to ‘mounts and storage’ and format
– system
– data
– cache
d. Go back to Main menu. Go to ‘install zip from sdcard’
‘choose zip from sdcard’ > select “”
In the same way install Gapps and OC Kernel file.

e. Now go back to Main Menu. Select ‘mounts and storage’ and press ‘unmount sdcard’. Now take out SD card from Nook Color. Go back to main menu again and press ‘reboot into system’

Congrats ! CyanogenMod is installed in your Nook Color !

4. What next ?
a. Turn the Nook Color. You will see ANDROID at the bottom and next CM logo.
b. Configure your WiFi, set up Google Account and also you can select apps if you want to install in coming steps.

5. SD Card
If you have used spare memory card, then you can keep it for future builds of CM. If you have used your main SD card, then connect it to PC and format it. [Never format it in Nook color itself.] After formatting you can use your SD card as storage for Nook Color.

II. Installing CM7 Build update files :
If you have used a spare memory card and it is flashed to EXT4, then you can use it again. If you have only SD Card, then you might want to take back up again and make it EXT4 compatible. Follow steps above mentioned in EXT4 SD Card.

You need :
1. EXT4 SD Card
2. CM7 Update file

How to :
1. Download the latest build from here – link or Phiremod update from here – link
2. Place the Update file on the root of your EXT4 SD Card. Installing update reverts NC back to stock clockspeed. If you want to OC, place OC kernel file in root of your SD card.
3. Turn off your Nook Color and place the EXT4 SD card in your NC.
4. Power on the device. Now you will be booted in Recovery with CWR version
5. Chose ‘install zip from sdcard’
then select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ > ‘latest update file’
again, to OC, ‘choose zip from sdcard’ > ‘OC Kernel file’
6. Now unmount the SD Card.
‘mounts and storage’ > unmount sdcard > remove sdcard

III. Restoring to Stock, bye bye CM7 :
Here is the easy guide to revert back to stock. link The thread is very much self explanatory, hence I am not giving instructions here. But once you install CM7, you will never wish to go back to stock 

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  1. Thank you so much Avin! I have been looking for the best way to hack my nook color for so long… I tried this method and it is by far the best. Good job explaining and making it easy.

    • thank you for your kind words !

      Right now I am on Phiremod v4 [i.e. CM7 build 8] I say it is quite stable. If you’re facing any issues with current system switch to that :)

    • Yes, it is not a zip file, it should be an .img file. Here I am facing no trouble to load that .img using Win32Disk manager. I suggest you to read the instructions carefully and try again.

      • Hi um I would like to ask how sideloading works. I’m used to the stock library- memory card acsess. Have I overthought this? Can I still use the micro to load files?doesn’t show on my PC as nook color anymore.did I do something wrong?what did I miss? I’m a bit lost could I get some directions?is not showing on my pc correct?

    • Please review and see if I did this correctly.
      0) I started with a NC running the 1.0 version of the B&N firmware.
      1) I used win32diskimager to flash my SD card with 1gb_clockwork-0.1-ext4.img
      2) I took a risk and grabbed a daily: phiremod-nook-v7-TEST.tar.gz which I unpacked to find and which I copied onto my SD card.
      3)I booted my NC from the SD card into CWM and formatted system
      ,data, and cache and then installed and
      4)after reboot I was happy to see the NC running phiremod, but my question pertains to rooting: did I root my NC? Because I didn’t do anything with nooter…

          • 14.5k isn’t that bad. Pls give the source link, so that we may buy it too. btw what’s ur view on nook vs galaxy tab display. I will be using it mostly for surfing and reading. Which is better.

            • Dude there is a lot of price difference in Nook and Tab, anyday I chose Nook, cos it is cheaper and less heavier than Tab.

              and I had bought it from someone who was coming from US. However if you buy using Aramex you should get it around 15k-15.5k.

  2. Well for me it has been a disaster. I had it correct but when I used ROM Manager to download 7.02 it crashed and market would not work. I tried to make a new Clockmod card but I must have cheap or bad cards because I ruined three cards trying to do it. I stupidly accidentally formatted boot and now I have a brick. I know it can be fixed if I can create a card with clockmod and the boot code but I cannot. It has been a disaster. I am going back to stock and forgetting the troubles. Besides. the NOOK Android app does not compare at all with the stock app.

  3. Nook on Pherimod is awesome!

    Been running it well, got one from the states. its a much better alternative to an easy held tablet.