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Burning OR Handling .dmg files in Windows

DMG is a proprietary disk image format commonly used with the Mac OS X operating system. But handling such images in Windows is tricky as Windows does not support DMG and also, famous image burning softwares like Nero, Image burn etc.

The following tutorial lets you :
1. Burn DMG in Windows
2. Convert it to other standard image formats
3. Explore / Read the dmg contents within Windows.

I will be using my favorite image program Power ISO in this guide, you can other softwares which support DMG viz., Magic ISO, WinImage, TransMac etc.

1. Burning the .dmg in Windows
Just follow these steps :
Open PowerISO, click on file > open. Navigate to where .dmg file is located :

Now .dmg file will be opened. Click on Burn icon from the toolbar & select the lowest speed possible in Burning Speed

Click on burn. Done !

2. Converting DMG to ISO
Use Convert option under Tools. Open the .dmg file & select ISO, click on OK.

The above two steps can be done using Magic ISO also.

3. Exploring / Reading DMG contents within Windows
Once you have converted DMG to ISO, you can explore the contents by mounting it on Virtual Drive or extracting with WinRAR. However this is two step job, hence use TransMac which lets you explore .dmg within Windows.

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