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Use Facebook’s Timeline, before it’s public release !

You might have already saw video of Facebook’s upcoming feature Timeline. If not, phew, see it now !

Timeline shows everything from your first facebook comment to video shares. It takes from the day you joined to current. Well, I am not gonna say anything how it is, it might seem cool or suck. As long as I have my privacy & things protected, I don’t really care :P

Currently Timeline is only available to Facebook Developers. And I am one of them :P Okay, not exactly. But the little app which is used to login with FB at Readers Enclave makes me the one dev ;)

So follow these simple steps, become one of Facebook Developer & get an instant invitation to Timeline \m/

Teh n00b guide starts :

1. Go to

Click on ‘allow’. Whoa, now you are a Facebook Dev :P

2. Click on “Create New App”. Now enter any app name & an unique appspace. Enter whatever you want in both fields. Agree “Privacy Policy”, click on Continue.

[Unless you have verified your facebook account with mobile no. or credit card, then you cannot proceed further. Verify your account if asked.]

3.  Now click on “Open Graph” which is at left side. Enter any actions you want. As you can see I have entered “People can read a book”. Enter anything you want & click on “Get Started”.

On next page, click on “Save changes and Next” which is at bottom. Again on next page. Now click on “Save and Finish”. Done :)

4. When go to your homepage, you can see the Timeline invite now :D

Click on Get it now. That’s it ! Now you have access to Timeline feature :)

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    • No special use as such, with timeline you can see what you have dine Facebook since beginning, so can others . And little eye candy by header image.