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A Letter to Chetan Bhagat

Dear Chetan,

Happened to come across some of your tweets about Mr. Narayana Murthy’s thoughts. Truly well said. Yeah. You’re right He should try and fix the system rather than just judging the students. Just wanted to ask you a few questions.

Heard Murthy was addressing hundreds of IIT students in NY. How many times have you been invited to address IIT Students?

How much interested in engineering were you when you learnt at IIT? We haven’t really heard much technical stuffs from you apart from the way you described your girlfriend’s father’s Cycle or motor cycle in 5.someone.

I don’t think you would be of much technical help to any IIT guy as you became an investment banker in a Foreign Bank just a few years after your BE in IIT thanks to yo MBA from IIM-A after that. Great! But were you really interested in Finance? We are yet to hear a comment from you atleast remotely related to Indian or Global economy or financial markets.

But for your girlfriends and your 5.Something, do you really have anything to talk about your 4 years in an IIT and 2 years in an IIM?

There were reports that you were frustrated that Aamir Khan kinda tweaked the story in 3 idiots? What did you think? That character of Aamir Khan would become a writer who writes about his love affairs, publishes it and earns a living out of it? All that after graduating from an IIT? Trust me! The movie would have been a disaster! And you know wat. You weren’t Aamir Khan’s character in the story. Your character was… Remember Kareena’s fiancee in the movie? Aamir asks why he is working for an investment bank after struggling for 4 years with physics and machines in an IIT? That question was fired at you pretty obviously. You never bothered to give a proper reply, may be because you are no more an investment banker either. Fair enough.

And yeah. Have read some of your writings about the current problems in our society and stuffs. Will you please give a break to your sophisticated writing skills and metaphors atleast then and focus on what you really want to convey (if at all you really care). And as U said, even you should “Stop judging and blaming and try to fix the problems.” I really couldn’t stop laughing after reading one of your articles firing the Indian educational system! You said students should realise their real interest before choosing their field of education. Like you chose engineering and Finance. Yeah! Bang on, dude!

And coming to the point, U said “Narayana Murthy runs body shops”. Thats not the language you use against a fellow IIT ian. Wat did you think? You are the face of the Indian government and the youth of our country? Do you even know which section of the Income tax act talks about the so called Body Shopping? It’s just a section of the Act that isn’t clear enough till date and is under some deliberation. Infosys hasn’t really evaded tax. (I know what Body Shopping in a broader term is. No point getting into details. Thats the main business model of our IT Companies since ever. What i mean is, it is in the news right now just because of the tax implications.)

And you went on to say “Narayan Murthy doesn’t have the right to talk about IIT students”. You should have asked some IIT students, how many of them considered Narayana Murthy as their role model. You would have seen atleast 8 or 9 out of 10 hands going up. Forget IIT, even IIM-A students will be looking upto him as their role model. You just write in a beautiful rhyming way about unemployment and our country’s growth. But Narayana Murthy has created employment for lakhs of Indians including thousands from IITs. And his company has contributed significantly to the growth of India’s service industry. Still U think he can’t comment about IIT? Still you think you know more about IIT? One more gentleman said that “Not even 50% of IIT students are really interested in Engineering.” He is the Director of IIT. ( )¬†You think he is wrong too? LOL :D Keep your self centered statements just for your blog, website and novels!

And did you know that if Narayana Murthy ever decided to pen his and his wife Sudha’s love story and publish it, it would beat all the records set by all your books put together hands down? But making money like that and disclosing his love story to the world like you did would be way below the dignity of that humble and selfless gentleman.

Can we hope that we won’t get to hear any such stupid senseless and uneducated comments from you in the future? Please do just what you are good at, and don’t venture into talking about the real world! You’re too Dumb for that!

With Lots of love,

Get well soon!

By Gopi Ram.

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