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Everything about next iPhone ; Specs, Prototype & Pics

Are you excited about the next iPhone ? 

This is how it might look, from left to right, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5/4S :

These are the same guys who designed iPad 2 & it was exact 

Read more from Giga De – iPhone 5: This is our Design-Prototype! | BENM.AT

Based on rumors, GSMArena has put up possible spec list. Link – Apple iPhone 4S – Full phone specifications

The rumored specs are : 
A5 chip [dual core] powered by Cortex A9
Bigger screen – 3.7″ [or 4″, more likely]
8 MP Camera [Front 2 MP]
Bigger Battery,
iOS5 with voice assistant.

So the next iPhone will be called iPhone 4S ? Almost. Because Vodafone Germany has confirmed this :

link – The iPhone 4S confirmed by Vodafone Germany news –

Redmondpie has also leaked few images from American telco Cincinnati Bell’s website & with prices !

The iPhone 5 :

And the iPhone 4S, the cheap version of iPhone may be ?

Read more : iPhone 4S and 5 Show Up Temporarily On Cincinnati Bell Website [IMAGES] | Redmond Pie

Wait is of just 22 Hours !! 

Thisismynext guys do a great job on live feeds as they did on WWDC-11. Here is the link – Apple iPhone 4S / 5 event live blog | This is my next liveblog Bookmark it now !

I am pretty much excited about it. Are you ?

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