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15 REVOLUTIONARY things about iPhone 5

I really don’t understand why people are so disappointed with iPhone 5. Being a heavy user of Apple products, especially Mac OS and iOS, let me list out the 15 REVOLUTIONARY things about iPhone 5


1. Firstly the name! The name iPhone itself enough to feel you butterflies and make you happy. ‘Nuf said.
2. All new revolutionary design! Guys it’s not easy to create something new which exactly looks like earlier. And it’s totally against Laws of Physics.
3. iOS 6 ! Though new features totally useless in India,… But still it’s iOS 6 !
4. Bigger screen size guys! It’s so much biggg now. If Apple thinks we are not suited to use anything more than 4″, then it’s just true. Just true.
5. Even with bigger screen you can use it with just one hand. I am not gonna list out the numerous things which you can do with other simultaneously ;-)
6. Sweeeeet Non HD-Non 720p screen. Our eyes cannot differentiate pixels in HD levels & you don’t see much difference with those Android HD screens & iPhone non-HD screen. Because Apple says so !!
7. Now you can have 5 rows of icons. That’s just like a fcking miracle. Miracle. No stupid Android user can do that.
8. With earlier version of calendar you could see only 3 weeks, but you can see about 5! Wow, that’s just awesome
9. Now you can take photos while shooting videos!! Amazing just amazing. I don’t know how Apple does things like this.
10. You can now take big big landscape photos and Apple calls it as Panorama. Isn’t it amazing guys?
11. What’s more, now you can enable your iPhone to send a text whenever you reject a call. Such a fantastic handy feature.
12. Directly integrated into Facebook! Now not only you can post status using Siri but also you can post all those stupid pics of food you cook directly into Facebook!
13. With new slim design, Apple now introduced a new connector! And they call it Lightening. Best part is you can use it with both sides. Wow. Moreover if you want use your old connector, then all you have to buy is one new converter. Just for $29. See, Apple always cares about it’s customers.
14. New innovative design for SIM cards! They call it Nano SIM. See, Apple even cares about minute things.
15. New headphones! And Apple calls it as EarPods, such a sweeeet name :-) And it is designed such that sound will be directly deposited into ear canals! Wow. I guess I don’t need to tell you what earlier earphones used to.


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  1. If you don’t like the phone, why are you even talking about it? Go buy the S3 and shove it up your ass crack. But then I guess the thinner iPhone might be more comfortable. How will your ass hamster see movies on the non-720p screen. Atleast he will be able to see his whole week’s schedule on the screen at one time. The brilliant panorama will surely help him take better photos of your long turds while you’re crapping.

    • Buddy. if you love the iPhone (obviously) why bother reading the whole post? & to actually leave your opinion? wow! Google ‘Trolling’ to understand the intent.
      Its good the iPhone will fit up your crack.. have hours of fun doing that. Since the S3 don’t fit, we will be devoid of your ‘joys’ forever.(Thankfully!)
      I hope iPhone users really don’t like taking pictures of ‘long turds’ just for decency’s sake.

      Chill out… there are enough things in life to fight for that actually mean something.

  2. haha, i came here expecting to find a apple-fag post, but found this gem instead!!

    you got me hooked, bro, you got me hooked!!


  3. You seriously are one Big Apple fan! Most of the features mentioned were already available in Android Phones since an year!
    If you like to keep it so, fine. But this is just fan-boism! No offence :)

  4. Even I thought your post as Fanboyism but after reading the comments I understood that this was a Sarcasm post. Thanks, myself Android Fanboy