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I don’t think I need to introduce you to Udacity.I have been listening to Udacity courses from past few days & I really like them. Courses are divided into different difficulty levels & I started with begineer one, CS 101 : Introduction to Computer Science.

But major problem with me & my friends was internet. I do not have high speed bandwidth & so I had to download the videos with the help of my friends who are from metro cities/towns. Many of us who are living in rural places of India, do not have access to broadband facilities. That’s when this idea popped in my head to distribute Udacity Course DVDs. Earlier I distributed many Ubuntu disks.

So far I have given course DVDs to few of my friends & they already like them.

Currently I have got downloaded following courses :

Beginner level courses :
CS 101 : Introduction to Computer Science: Building a Search Engine by David Evans
ST 101 : Introduction to Statistics: Making Decisions Based on Data by Sebastian Thrun and Adam Sherwin.

Intermediate Courses :
CS 215 : Algorithms: Crunching Social Networks by Michael Littman and Job Evers
CS 253 : Web Development: How to Build a Blog by Steve Huffman and Anthony Teate
CS 262 : Programming Languages: Building a Web Browser by Westley Weimer and Anthony Teate
CS 271 : Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: AI-Class by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig
CS 313 : Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science: Dealing with Challenging Problems by Sebastian Wernicke, Sarah Norell, and Sean Bennett

Advanced Courses :
CS 212 : Design of Computer Programs: Programming Principles by Peter Norvig and Shayan Doroudi
CS 373 : Artificial Intelligence for Robotics: Programming A Robotic Car by Sebastian Thrun
CS 387 : Applied Cryptography: Science of Secrets by David Evans and Shayan Doroudi

I update the DVDs with Udacity. Currently each course comes with :

  • Lecture Videos
  • Q&A Office hours
  • Problem Sets
  • Subtitles

How to:
I have had many unused blank DVDs & I used them for these courses. Currently I am giving them for free. You only have to pay for shipping charges [that’s not more than 20 INR]

Again, you don’t have to pay anything. Just shipping charges only.

If you are from Bangalore or Hyderabad, then I have some friends who would be glad to meet you at some public place & deliver you the DVDs :)

Update [9/Dec/2012] : I ran out of all dvds. No free lunch :P Currently I am using Sony DVDs which are sold at 18 INR in my city [when bought at bulk]. So for each course you have to pay 18 INR [for each DVD] + 20 [for shipping anywhere in India]

Update [14/Dec/2012] : Added few more course DVDs. Wow, these courses are so FUN !

If you are interested getting these DVDs, please leave a comment & I will send you a message to your email.

Or simply send a email to

Note : I believe education should be free & given to all. That’s why I am distributing these DVDs. I know many of us, including me, did not have access to proper education. Udacity is trying to change & I am doing my little part.

PS – When you receive a DVD, please share it among your friends. It’d make me very happy :)

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

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  1. Wow, this is really good. How are these courses ? I mean are they lucid enough to understood by everyone ?

    I am interested in CS101 DVD. Can I have one ? :)

  2. Hi avi, this is neha. I think this is a wonderful idea. Hope everyone takes initiatives like these. I am interested in CS101 & Algorithms, can I have those ? :)

    following are my contact details :

  3. Dear avi, I run a small institute with nearly 40 students. I think these courses would be great for my students. Can you send me 40 copies of each courses ? That’s be great !

    Thank you,
    Raju Misra

    • Hi Raju. It wouldn’t make sense to send 40 copies because it would increase postage charges & also it will take lot of time to create copies. Instead I can send you single copies & why don’t you make copies of them ?

      I have sent you an email. Thank you.