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FREE and simple video streaming solution for iPad

So I was looking for video streaming app and came to know most of the good ones are paid ones. I thought to give a try with Plex and as well Air Video HD. I downloaded Plex Media Server and set it up. I opened the app in my iPad and it worked without any issues. But the Plex also has web interface, so I opened the link url and damn, it worked!

UPDATE (16/Dec/2013) : Currently I am exploring all the video streaming apps out there and this article is not complete yet. I will be updating it occasionally. Goal is to find a good streaming app which plays everything, as low CPU usage on PC and works smoothly.

If you don’t want any hassles, go ahead with Air Video HD, works nicely. For a free solution I recommend UMS plus VLC. I will update this tutorial soon and will add instructions about UMS and VLC.

This is how you do it:

  1. Install Plex Media Server and configure it.
  2. You will get a link something like
  3. Replace the part with your machine IP address and open it in safari browser of your iPad. Done!


  1. Install VLC player
  2. Click on Cone at top left and select ‘Local Network’
  3. You should see ‘Plex Media Server : Your machine name’
  4. Click on it, browse and have fun :D


  1. I played Banshee TV series which were in 480p MP4 (played flawlessly)
  2. Bicycle Thieves 3GB MKV 720p AAC audio (played flawlessly)
  3. Inception 1080p 11GB MKV with DTS audio (video playback flawless in both safari and VLC, audio sync issues in Safari but everything perfect in VLC)

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