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  1. I wonder how the contract thing works. Is it so simple that you just have the phone shipped to Aramex and then to India? I mean, don’t you get penalties for breaking the contract? If it’s so simple, it must be possible to buy an iPhone too….

    • You can get non-contract phones from Aramex Aditya, not contract ones. Also you cannot get contract phones like that. To purchase contract phones you need US residential address, SSN no., credit card etc. Even people in Ebay won’t sell under-contract phones, charges are very heavy :P

  2. gud eve…….
    nice to write, you are better than those ,who used ‘ROhAN’ to get fame
    i want to post my shayri,plz help me,if u hav some spare time for ‘Smaj sava’.

  3. thank u so much sir,
    i really feel good to have great ‘INDIANS’ like u, who is always ready to help.
    actually, i am quite good at sayari but donot know what to do with it. should i leave it or i can do something good with it and if yes so how?

    • you are welcome :)

      I suggest you to not to leave it and continue writing. Day by day good shayari writers are vanishing. Also quality of shayaris decreasing.

      Well, you can publish into a book :) or publish in online forums or you can have your own blog and publish them. If you want I can help you creating a blog and if want to post them on my blog, then also okay :P

  4. D story is really true, i think dat bt there is a problem dat if a boy is handsome nd intelligent den how a girl not love him whenever d boy us 2 smart

  5. I loved your blog and I have a friend who owns a blog on WordPress too!
    I love writing; and perhaps wanna open my blog as well. Soo, can you help me? :)
    Just email me. I’d be a really great help!
    P.S. I am a lazy person too, *high-five*.

  6. Nice….. Good….. You might be lazy but you have the thirst for truth and moreover you are a cool person (i wrote person cause you hate gender discrimination)…. Keep up the good work.