Brainwavz M2 Review – The best beginner IEM under 3000 INR

The Prologue :

I used Creative EP-630 for approx 4 years. I was very satisfied. Even after 4 years it still works flawlessly. Except some usage marks it still looks good. I gave it to someone & started hunting for new pair of IEMs.

I set my budget max at 6000 INR thought of buying PL-50 + headphones. I never had good headphones & was craving to experience better sound stage. Being a n00b at audio, I spent lot of time in research. I mean a lot of time. I decided to go with either Shure RH 440 OR Sennheiser HD 448. I checked Sennheiser HD 448 personally & turns out I have elephant ears & they were not so comfortable. I also checked few headphones at the budget range 6000-6500 INR and they were extremely good. The experience was OMG awesome. Hence I decided to just to buy IEMs for the time being & increase budget & go with good quality headphones later.

Still I am in hunt of good headphones ;-)

Firstly, I’d like to mention that 95% music I listen are instrumental. I mostly listen to soft rock, R&B & hip-hop. And also Bollywood & few Tamil / Telugu / Kannada songs. Not a fan of heavy metal.
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