Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1TB – My HDDs Review Part 1

I am a big movie buff & I regularly download & watch sitcoms / tv series. I have Dell XPS L501x which comes with awesome 1080p LED screen with super awesome speakers. But what’s the joy in watching all those DVD rips when I have so powerful media machine ? 1080p MKV movies have huge size ranging from 12GB – 18GB. With inbuilt 500GB HDD I could hardly make space for 25 Full High Definition movies [25 * 15GB]. So I decided to buy 2 TB External 3.5″ HDD + 1 TB 2.5″ HDD. To add my bad luck, shit happned in Thailand & all HDDs prices increased within few hours. Then I decided to go with two 1 TB 2.5″ drives since I am a frequent traveller. Let’s get to the business !

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Quick review of iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S cases

This is just a quick review of iPhone 4 / 4S cases. There are so many fakes floating around in net, make sure you are purchasing from a reliable seller. Unless you know the seller, please avoid ebay. It is better to buy directly from the US online stores. Obvisiosly it will be costly including customs + shipping, but it will be worth. When you spend approx 35,000 on a phone, why not spend little for it’s protection ? Continue reading

Make iPhone a penetration testing tool !


There are many articles and presentations about the concept of using an iPhone or iPod Touch as a penetration tool. So as I read up about it, I realized that I have yet to see an actual tutorial or “how-to” on putting a suite of tools on an iDevice. So this article/how-to/whatever is just that. A document of my experiences turning my iPod Touch into a all-in-one hacking/penetration-testing platform. Continue reading